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Fingerling Festival in Port Moody May 2 2015

Information Table and Presentation


Canada Sky Watch Street Action

Fingerling Festival in Port Moody

May 2 2015

11am to 3pm

Information Table and MultiMedia Presentation about Chemtrails

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Biologists, Pilots, Lawyers, Neurologists and others talk about chemtrails

Numerous professional join Dane Wigingtion at Shasta County board meeting

400+ people, from all over the world, show up for Shasta County board of supervisor meeting to call on board members to take action on the issue of geoengineering operations taking place all over the world.

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Chemtrails Hits the Main Stream Media

Shasta County Board meeting Public outcry over chemtrail spraying

Mainstream Media News outlet reports of a board meeting in Shasta County where concerned citizen from all over America gathered to talk about chemtrails and make politicians enact legislation regarding chemtrail pollution.

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Quick Links to Recent Articles

Read the following article written by Carlito Pablo and published in the Georgia Straight NewsPaper. Bill Vander Zalm suspects Canadian government is geo-engineering climate.

Time lapse video of chemtrails over Charlotte North Carolina

Dr Blaylock lecture about nutrition and harmful effects of sugar pharmaseutical drugs.

Mark Windows researcher shed lights on geoengineering

Media whores still pushing lies about chemtrails.

Dan Dicks cover Global March Against Chemtrails includes interview with Bill Vander Zalm.

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