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Since 2002, Georg has distributed orgonite healing tools over many countries in Africa in order to improve the orgone energy field in the environment, thus virtually stopping droughts and restoring natural rainfall patterns, abundance and vitality to large parts of the beautiful African continent.

Orgone energy is not a new invention but the name given by the late psychoanalyst and scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich to the omnipresent life force. This etheric force is also known as prana, chi or ether to different ancient traditions. With orgonite we have a universal and very potent healing tool that can help us reverse the negative influences of aggressive human technologies on the environment.

Effective Environmental Healing With Orgone Energy

"3 years ago my Dad lent me this book. A week after reading it I was inspired to start making my own orgonite, and I have not looked back since. It really opened my eyes up to what I had the ability to achieve with such a small investment of resin, metal shavings and crystals. There isn't a more effective way (or simpler way, for that matter) to fight the powers that be, and this book will inspire you to do your part. "

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Orgone energy is the name given by Dr. Wilhelm Reich to the omnipresent life energy also referred to as ether, zero point energy, quantum fluctuation, space energy etc.

Wilhelm Reich observed that the free flow of orgone energy is supporting all life processes, whereas in a state of stagnation it leads to atrophy, disintegrattion and death. He named the flowing state of this energy POR or Positive Orgone Energy and the stagnating or blocked state DOR or Deadly Orgone Energy. Wilhelm Reich developed an arsenal of orgone concentrating tools such as the Orgone accumulator and the Cloudbuster.

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