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With three mass market non-fiction books under his belt and successful speaking engagements from Brisbane to The Bahamas, Jerry E. Smith is an “overnight sensation” that has been more than three decades in the making. His career as a writer, researcher, activist, editor and lecturer began with the first professional sale of his writing back in 1969.

Mr. Smith's life-long political and environmental activism and research has resulted in the publication of scores of news stories, opinion pieces and book and movie reviews for local and regional magazines and newspapers throughout the western states. Mr. Smith's work has also appeared in such national publications as Fate Magazine and Paranoia: The Conspiracy and Paranormal Reader.

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Weather Warfare The Military's Plan to Draft Mother Nature

"This book is amazing. The information in is very thought provoking. The opening quote by a top government official on how the US needs to participate in biological and environmental warfare is shocking, except for those of us who know what the US Gov't has done in the past (i.e. 9/11 was an inside job).

It explains in detail ways that the US has attempted to manipulate weather and earthquakes in the past and desires to do so with even greater effort in the future. HAARP is a sci-fi style weapon that will likely be secretly used against the American people by their own government."

Excerpt From Comments Section on Amazon

In the First Hour of the show, Jerry speaks about HAARP, weather modification,earthquakes, hurricanes, the shift from overt programs to covert programs when the Convention on Environmental Modification was passed by the UN.

In the second hour, Jerry discusses the anomalies surrounding the behavior of Hurricane Katrina and who might have could have done something to cause Katrina to change direction twice.

He also discusses other legislation, attempted legislation revealing some of the ongoing programs taking place, and the controversial subject of chemtrails and contrails, their purpose, effects, the threat that they pose.

His book WEATHER WARFARE: The Military's Plan to Draft Mother Nature is scientific reporting at a layman's level. He presents evidence from military and scientific sources that intentional environmental modification (EnMod) is the 600-pound gorilla at the global warming debate that everyone is pretending isn't there. In the show he quotes and mentions some of the more interesting cases that his research has turned up.

Haarp: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy

"The only thing that irks me about Jerry E. Smiths book HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon Of The Conspiracy, is that I did not read it four years ago, in 1998, when it first came out. Where was I? Where was IT?"

Excerpt From Comments Section on Amazon

The HAARP project in Alaska is one of the most controversial projects ever undertaken by the U.S. Government. This futuristic technology is everything from super-beam weapon to world-wide mind control device. HAARP has many possible scientific and military applications, from raising a planetary defense shield to peering deep into the earth.

Jerry Smith gives us the history of the HAARP project and explains how it can be used as an awesome weapon of destruction. Smith exposes a covert military project and the web of conspiracies behind it and leads the reader down a trail of solid evidence into ever deeper and scarier conspiracy theories. By the end of the book, Smith convinces the reader that HAARP represents the ultimate in science out of control. It could be the most dangerous device ever created. The Star Wars future is now!

On a mission to make Vancouver a Chemtrail Free Zone