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Mark lives in Boston, Massachusetts where he writes about political issues. His books include: Geoengineering: Planetary Sabotage & Human Extermination (2014); Invisible Eugenics: How the Medical System and Public Schools Are Killing Your Children (2013); New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control (2010); and The Hidden Evil: The Financial Elite's Covert War Against The Civilian Population (2008).

In his spare time he studies a type of dance known as popping, and reads science fiction such as urban fantasy and Star Wars novels.

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Geoengineering: Planetary Sabotage & Human Extermination

This books gives a good overview about the actions of the NWO elite. A few quotes from the book that I think are important:

"There is a dispute as to whether global warming is happening. If it is, the prevailing evidence suggests that it is almost entirely caused by geoengineering and is not human-induced as we are told." "These evil groups (het elite), appear to be using scientists to deceive the public about climate change, geoengineering and demographic transition for Agenda 21."

"If fixing the planet is not the true purpose for geoengineering, what is? The answer: - negative eugenics (chemical and biological warfare against citizens). - environmental modification (destruction). - boost military radar signals. - obstructive laws and taxes (Agenda 21). - surveillance. - weather warfare."

"Although the phrase 'sustainable development' appears to be beneficial to the Earth, Agenda 21 scholars have determined it to be a deceptive term that disguises a plan to lower the standards of living and reduce citizens of the world to vassals in a global communist government."

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