Documentary Video by Veronica Hendricks

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Folie a Deux and other tales of Morgellons and Nano

The first feature length documentary film on the subject of Morgellons Disease. This brave, history making movie offers the truth and an explanation for a syndrome that can only be referred to as terrifying!

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"Folie`a Deux and other tales of Morgellons and nano", is a no budget independent documentary film that opens a desperately needed dialog on a subject that is as controversial as it is complex. ​

​Morgellons Disease is a syndrome with symptoms so horrific most physicians don't believe it is real. People who suffer with Morgellons are often diagnosed as being delusional, so it is very difficult for them to find help, support and relief. ​

Based on a series of interviews conducted between 2008-2010, "Folie`a Deux and other tales of Morgellons and nano", focuses on the issue of Morgellons Disease through the victims of the syndrome and the one scientific authority that offers an explanation, chemical analysis and modalities of therapies.

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